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Link Re and Link Specialty Re, Ltd.

Link Re: Separately Managed Account Investment Process

  • Bermuda Segregated Accounts Special Purpose Insurer.
  • Investors manage their own assets per the cedent and regulatory requirements.
  • Link Re facilitates and structures Insurance-Linked Securities transactions (ILS); it is not an ILS fund nor does it manage any investor assets.
  • Flexible ILS investment structures (debt instruments, preferred equity shares, private placements, DTC, CUSIP, Euroclear, etc.).
  1. Confirm risk/return profile, risk tolerance levels, duration and capacity goals for the asset manager’s private ILS portfolio.
  2. Source, underwrite and present private ILS transactions to the asset manager.
  3. Obtain asset manager’s authorization to securitize and bind reinsurance transactions.
  4. Actively monitor and manage the separately managed ILS account (includes performance reporting).